Margaret Laloyo’s journey is not just her own. Her story, marked by resilience against the backdrop of the Lord’s Resistance Army’s horrors, speaks volumes about the undying spirit of countless entrepreneurs across the world. Her narrative, intertwined with the origins of Flourish Financial, brings to light the transformative power of the right kind of support.

In 2011, a trip to Uganda changed the trajectory of Flourish Financial’s vision. This journey, punctuated by interactions with local entrepreneurs, spotlighted the significant gaps in traditional poverty alleviation models. Margaret’s story underscored a glaring reality: while there’s no dearth of passion, ideas, or determination among entrepreneurs like her, there’s a crippling scarcity of affordable capital.

A walk through Kampala’s streets revealed banks advertising business loan interest rates as staggering as 27%. In an environment where every penny counts, such rates can choke the growth potential of any business. But beyond these numbers lies a universal story – the story of a global struggle for accessible capital. While developed countries often take reasonable interest rates for granted, in places like Uganda, they can make or break dreams.

Margaret Laloyo’s journey, and by extension, Flourish Financial’s mission, underscores the potential that can be unlocked with the right kind of financial support. It’s a call to shift perspectives, emphasizing that while charity has its place, lending is equally potent, if not more so, in empowering dreamers around the world.

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