Membership Share Purchase Process

Step 1: Fill out and submit Share Purchase Agreement Please access the “Share Purchase Agreement Form” Here.
Step 2: Submit payment to Flourish Financial
You can send an email transfer to:
Provide a cheque written out to Flourish Financial Inc.

Membership Commitment

  1. A member is someone who purchases at least one share in the corporation.
  2. A regular share is issued in denominations of $1,000.00.  
  3. Members must contribute a one-time administration fee of $100.00 when the first share(s) are purchased to help cover operational costs of the corporation.
  4. Although not obligatory, it is anticipated that members will want to purchase one or more shares on an annual basis.
  5. Share purchase limits:  A member may purchase as many shares as he or she wishes to a maximum of 25% of the total lending pool.  The board may modify this limit at its discretion.
  6. Each member may cast only one vote, regardless of the number of shares owned in the corporation.  In addition to the membership votes pertaining to the business and operations of Flourish Financial, members provide input on the board’s recommendations to extend a loan to an entrepreneur/organization.
  7. Interest and term for loans:  A fair interest rate is assessed against all lent funds.  The rate of interest charged and the term for loans is negotiated by the board on a case-by-case basis with each borrower.
  8. Because Flourish Financial is a non-profit organization, interest paid on loans made by the corporation is not paid back to the member – it is reinvested in the corporation.  
  9. Members accept a small risk that share value may decline due to deficient loan repayments by entrepreneurs.  The corporation makes no pledge to return 100% of the full share price.
  10. A member may request the redemption of his/her share(s) at any time.  The board will return the value of the share(s) with the following conditions:
    1. Share value does not exceed $1,000.00.
    2. Share value is $1,000.00 less the costs of any loan defaults.  The loss of loan defaults are allocated equally against all shares in that pool.
    3. Shares are only redeemed when the corporation has sufficient funds available in its lending pool account.