About Us

The Perfect Group is an apolitical, inter-denominational Christian, non-profit association of volunteers in Togo, with an established local office to support its activities.  One of the organization’s founding beliefs is that the private sector can and should play a leading and decisive role in the educational and economic development of Togo, providing for needs that are not met by existing social and governmental structures.  Since 2004, they have launched several community development and humanitarian projects.

Our Partnership

In the past, loan capital was requested for a Pineapple and Poultry Project in the Maritime region of Togo.  The primary focus of this project is to create a sustainable agricultural establishment that will provide economic development.

The purpose of this initiative is to create employment and to improve the availability of quality food in the area.  The project is comprised of two components: a pineapple plantation with a rotating crop of 80,000 plants and an egg and poultry production with a flock of 1,000 chickens.